Monday, November 14, 2005

Stickin' it to the Coffee Man

This man might have finally discovered how to make money with no real effort at all. What he's done certainly doesn't pass the ethics smell test, but in it's own way it was quite visionary.

"If no one before me imagined to do this, if I am the first, then I get the prize," he said.
Damn right. If he's only asking for $600,000 you'd think Starbucks would just grin, bear it, and cut the check. In the long run it would cost them a lot less then all the lawyers fees, and being made to look incompetent by some hustler. Just make it all go away and no one will remember it next year.

Just for the record I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks. Their coffee tastes burned and they're the sole reason we spend ridiculous amounts of money on a beverage that used to be cheap. They made the indispensable trendy. They've elevated people who make coffee into some sort of specialized worker. They can never be forgiven for that. I was in a California Starbucks knock-off last year waiting just to get a simple coffee. Unfortunately I was stuck behind some left over hippie turned venture capitalist that ordered a cappuccino using some sort of code. The kid behind the counter took his sweet time creating the concoction, all the way down to slowly drizzling what I assumed was caramel across the top. The left over hippie just looked at him and sincerely said, "The touch of an artist man, the touch of an artist." The wage slave behind the counter was just eating it up. All I wanted was a freaking coffee and I was subjected to this scene of admiration over nothing.

And one more thing while I'm ranting... You'd think Starbucks would be able to make a cup of ice coffee that didn't taste like it was filtered through garbage. Or taste like it was a week old.

More power to you Zuykov!


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